About Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs

Advanced innovative technologies in trauma surgery

Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs, incorporated in 2016, is a privately owned Anglo/Americancompany. It was founded by two Cambridge university post-graduate students. It has successfully incubated some of the most advanced and innovative technologies in trauma surgery and taken them from lab based concepts through to real world clinical applications. This has been achieved by focusing on cutting edge in-house research alongside multinational research collaborations including world-class orthopaedic surgeons and engineers. With its origins and research roots in the historic University town of Cambridge, United Kingdom and Headquarters and sales operations in Pennsylvania, United States, Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs is uniquely positioned to carry out research and launch products on both sides of the Atlantic.

This approach has enabled Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs to develop PolyArmour Non-Invasive Fracture Fixation system (PA) to deliver novel solutions in order to address unmet needs for non-surgical management of fractures. Achievements of this innovative technology have been recognised with a number of prestigious awards.

Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs has developed a platform technology that delivers a comprehensive non-invasive trauma fixation system. The first product is intended for wrist fractures and It can be used for and has FDA clearance for a wide range of conditions including definitive management of wrist fractures, deformity correction and soft tissue stabilisation. The first generation of PolyArmour products are protected by 2 global patents that addresses problems related to current treatment methods. As a result, the PA system will be able to offer considerable savings to the healthcare industry while improving the patient experience and outcome through non-surgical solutions.

The dynamic management team at Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs has a track record of taking innovations in the lab through to clinical success and onto the market. They have been part of the IPO route onto NASDAQ and been a part of multiple M&A transactions. They remain committed to make innovative technologies from Cambridge Orthopaedic Labs a success to deliver solutions to the unmet needs in identified markets in order to achieve better patient care with a surgeon-focused approach.

PolyArmour Dynamic Wrist Fixator